Children Patches + DIY Backpack

Its a well known fact that I cherish patches. I've even got Quincy hopping on the fleeting trend! He as of late began his own gathering, while at the same time ceasing through blessing shops and guest focuses on our little mid year outings. Incidentally, those are the best places to discover tokens like fixes and sticks. With pre-k beginning one week from now, we thought begin a little task together by adding his most loved iron-ons to his new knapsack. I adore that he has a story for each and every fix and I simply know he's feeling impatient to impart them to his colleagues on his first day of school. I'm eager to include more as more enterprises with my little person anticipate. Furthermore, obviously, Coco, who admires her enormous sibling inside and out, expected to get in on the amusing to . . . 


  • iron-on patches (here are some of my favorite places to shop for patches):
  • For The Love Of Patch: Wes Anderson patches
  • OomphOasis: pop culture patches that include the Simpsons, Pac Man, etc.

  • EsonFashion: Gucci inspired patches
  • Laceshine: sequined and embellished patches, mirrored bird patches
  • Strange Ways: rebellious patches!
  • Frog & Toad Press: adorable, cheeky round badge-like patches
  • Patch Parlor: country, state, city and national park patches
  • PatchaDIY: superheros, Disney characters, Nintendo, etc
  • double stick fusible web sheets (optional)
  • backpack
  • iron

Begin by stuffing a knapsack with dishtowels. This helps keep the texture tight while applying the patches. In the event that your patches don't accompany an iron on sponsorship, you can include an iron support utilizing twofold stick fusible webbing. The instructional exercise can be found here. 

Since a pressing board won't do much help while pressing onto a knapsack, you'll have to utilize your hands to offer assistance. Hold a collapsed dishtowel against within the backback, squeezing the fix against the base of the iron. Your iron ought to be on the most sizzling setting with low steam. Work painstakingly and use the same number of towels expected to ensure your hands as you would prefer not to consume yourself! 

Utilize the towels to stuff minor spaces in corners and pockets. 

Gathering patches is such a great amount of good times for kids, leave space for additional as they keep on collecting more! 

(pictures by HonestlyWTF; Quincy and Coco's garments are Polo Ralph Lauren)                          by:Erica

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