DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace

Two or three months prior, while going to New York, we met the stunning Gretchen Jones and were sufficiently blessed to spend a whole day creating in her ├╝ber enchanting Brooklyn flat. Not exclusively is she incredibly skilled and fascinatingly storied, Gretchen is a standout amongst the most entertaining and certified individuals we've become acquainted with.

In the wake of attacking a nearby tool shop for provisions and equipment, we spread out finished her workspace, and thrown together a few bits of gems while sharing tales. One of our most loved pieces was a neckband enlivened by the honeycomb Universe accessory from Gretchen's accumulation. With some metal rings, neon cording and a shrewd trap graciousness of Ms. Jones, this striking explanation neckband is a secure to DIY! (PS look down for the giveaway points of interest!) 

You'll require: 

  • different measured metal rings 
  • neon nylon artisan line string 
  • scissors 
  • lighter 

Begin by laying out an example. Despite the fact that we at last changed the example, it's a smart thought to take a photograph for reference. 

Line up two metal rings. Cut a 12 inch bit of rope and interface the two rings by wrapping around them 4-5 times. 

Maneuver firmly and tie into a twofold bunch. Trim the finishes.

Presently for the cunning trap – take a lighter and consume the tips of the bunch until the point when the nylon begins to soften. At that point promptly press the base of the lighter against the dissolved tips onto the rear of the wrapped line, fixing the bunch. 

 The main area is finished. Adjust another ring and rehash the procedure. 

Keep on adding more rings, wrapping each interfacing segment . . . 

At the point when the pendant of the accessory is done, cut two 40? bits of line. Overlap a piece down the middle, pull the inside circle through best of the upper right ring, overlay it over the ring, and draw whatever is left of the rope through the circle. 

Rehash the progression on the inverse side. 

Your jewelry is done! Don't hesitate to explore different avenues regarding less or distinctive measured rings. 

Alter the neckband to your coveted length and tie the ropes into a twofold bunch.

Also, now for the GIVEAWAY points of interest: on account of Gretchen, we're giving without end a couple of her squash bloom hoops! Just leave a remark, in case you're on Twitter take after Gretchen_Jones and swoon over her week after week frill depictions, and a champ will be chosen indiscriminately on Friday, January 27th. (Apologies, constrained to US and Canada inhabitants as it were. Champ will be declared and reached by email. Good fortunes! xx) *** Contest is currently shut. Congrats to Julia T of Denver, Colorado!!

(all pictures by HonestlyWTF, Gretchen Jones Dawn Earrings $297)                                 by Erica

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