Instructions to Make Headbands Out of Shirts

Celtic bunches speak to boundlessness and endlessness since they don't contain beginnings or closures. In antiquated circumstances, if a blessing was embellished with a Celtic bunch, it was thought to give the beneficiary life span or good fortunes in new enterprises. This no-sew headband is made with a Shannon hitch, which symbolizes adjusted innovativeness, a fitting token since it makes imaginative utilization of old T-shirts. You need to perceive how simple this is! Watch the video underneath. 

   Celtic bunch headband (Image: Beth Huntington) 

Things You'll Need: 

- Sharp scissors 

- Heated glue firearm and paste stick 

- Measuring tape (discretionary) 

   Pick a huge T-shirt in your coveted shading. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 1 

Utilize sharp scissors to cut two 1/2-inch wide strips crosswise over the two layers of the T-shirt. Try not to utilize the stitched base edge of the shirt. Each strip will have two layers. 

  Cut two strips from the T-shirt. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 2 

Extend the strips. Try not to unfurl the two layers. Get each end and force firmly until the point that the strip moves into itself. 
   Force the strips firmly. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 3 

Make a circle with one of the strips by traverse the left side. Keep the circle at the best. 

   Make a circle. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 4 

Lay the second strip in a U-shape over the main strip. Place the finishes at the best. 

   Include the second strip. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 5 

Place the correct side of the best piece under the correct side of the base piece. 

Weave the correct side of the best piece under the base piece. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 6 

Place the left half of the best piece under the circle of the base piece. 

  Weave the left half of the best piece under the base circle.
   (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 7 

Place the correct side of the best piece over the circle of the base piece, going under the left half of the best piece and after that over the opposite side of the circle. 

  Force the correct side of the best piece through. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 8 

Draw on each end delicately and gradually until the point when a slick bunch is made and you have free pieces of texture on each side of the bunch. 

Force the finishes to make the bunch. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 9 

Wrap the strips around the leader of the individual will's identity wearing the headband to check where to cut the finishes. Or, then again measure the individual's head periphery and slice the closures to that length. Cut a 2 1/2-by-3 1/2-inch bit of T-shirt and place the two finishes of the headband to finish everything. 

Place the closures over the 2 1/2-by-3 1/2-inch piece. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 10 

Spread some heated glue onto the highest points of the headband closes. 


You could utilize texture stick rather than heated glue, however it will take more time for the paste to dry. 

  Utilize heated glue on the headband closes. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 11 

Roll the 2 1/2-by-3 1/2-inch bit of T-shirt firmly around the stuck closures of the headband. Utilize alert when rolling the texture to abstaining from consuming your fingers. 

Roll the little bit of texture around the stuck closures. (Picture: Beth Huntington) 

Step 12 

Give the paste a chance to dry for a couple of minutes, slip the headband on and appreciate some adjusted inventiveness of your own. 

    Celtic bunch headband (Image: Beth Huntington)                             by:Beth Huntington

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