Instructions to Make a Watermelon Margarita Keg

Need a special approach to serve an invigorating, summer drink at your next open air gathering? Have a go at making this barrel made from a watermelon and a modest bunch of pipes supplies. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Things You'll Need :

Huge oval formed watermelon 

- Little bowl 

- Huge kitchen cut 

- Zester 

- Graphite paper 

- "Margarita" layout or your own mark 

- Pencil 

- Specialty cutting instruments or blade 

- Piece of specialty froth 

- Scissors 

- Apple corer 

- 3/4 inch PVC ball valve 

- 3/4 inch 90 degree elbow 

- 3/4 inch PVC pipe, 1/2 inch long, (2) 

- 3/4 inch PVC coupler 

Step 1: Carve the Watermelon 

Sit the watermelon upright in a little bowl with the goal that it remains as straight as would be prudent. Cut the finish off of the watermelon. 

   (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Lay the watermelon on its side and cut a straight line around one inch from the best and another close to the base, utilizing the depression cutter on a zester device. 

      (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Print out the gave format or make your own particular mark. Tape a bit of graphite paper to the focal point of the watermelon and place the format to finish everything and tape it into position. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Follow each side of the letters from the format. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Expel the format and cut the letters utilizing an art cutting blade. Be mindful so as not to cut too profound. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Step 2: Hollow out Watermelon 

Hand the watermelon upright over the bowl and scoop out the inner parts with a substantial spoon. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 
    (Picture: Debbie Williams)

Step 3: Assemble the Faucet 

Altogether wash a piece of specialty froth, and afterward follow the perimeter of a bit of the 3/4 inch pipe onto it. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Cut out the specialty froth around 1/8 inch inside the stamped line and put aside. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Interface the 90 degree elbow to the ball valve with one of the short bits of PVC pipe. Append the second bit of pipe to the inverse side of the valve. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams)

Step 4: Tap the Watermelon 

Place the watermelon on its side and utilize an apple corer to cut a gap focused along the cutting. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Embed the tap get together through the gap. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Place the froth over the pipe within the watermelon and push it up tight against the side. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Step 5: Serve 

Pour in your most loved refreshment. We lean toward watermelon margaritas, and you can locate a simple formula here. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Supplant the highest point of watermelon. 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams) 

Serve your most loved refreshment and appreciate the gathering! 

    (Picture: Debbie Williams)                                                      by:Debbie Williams

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